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Miss You :'(
Friday, 15 February 2013 • 20:21 • 0 comments
i just wanna say.. '' I Miss You Damn Much'' .. 
oh, ok.. nevermind.. i very very very very understand.. i understand you're a busy boy.. busy with ur work.. ya, i understand.. no need to care 'bout me.. but, i just want u to know that i miss u.. :'( 
i'm scared to text u 1st.. call u.. bcoz, i know when i call u or text u, u'll say that u busy n my heart will ''broken''.. -.-''..
but, nevermind laa.. i understand u.. :).. 
walaupun kau busy.. i masih sayang u.. hehew.. 
k.. baii..

- tengss coz read - :)

Hi *wave hand* Nel for short. I'm 17 y/o and study at I hate anti-kpop and love my bias. FYI,i'm a lesbian. HAHA. kidding. not funny ok. that's all. daa daa~!
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